Diana Mestmaker, owner and operator of The Body Architect personal training studio, has been a leading health and fitness consultant in Kern County since 1983. With her vast experience as a fitness consultant, personal trainer, coach, and aerobics instructor she offers safe and effective programs. Diana is certified with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, National Strength and Coaching Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine. In addition she holds specialty certifications in Step aerobics, Low Impact aerobics, Group aerobics, Speed and Agility, Indoor Cycling, and Weight Room.

Diana was born and raised in Kern County. Her interest in physical fitness was sparked early in the 1970’s. While she enjoyed studying architecture in college and working as a civil engineering draftsman she felt a far greater need to be responsible for her own health. At that time there were not many fitness facilities available and group exercise was not yet birthed.  In 1973 she married her husband of 37 years, Tom Mestmaker. Together and in partnership with a local businessman they operated The Spa for women only. Over the years she continued with her drafting career and began teaching group aerobics classes. In 1983 she became certified with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America as an aerobics instructor. During this time she raised two boys and enjoyed keeping fit during both pregnancies. “Teaching group exercise class around the boys schedule was a great way for me to stay in shape! The need to continue to keep my aerobics classes safe, fun, effective, and exciting propelled me to pursue my education in fitness through workshops, seminars, and conferences”.

“Being a group exercise instructor was a perfect transition to personal training as many of the class participants began to ask for more specificity in their own programs”. Diana maintains diversity in the programs she writes and enjoys working with all ages. She has had many years of experience in working with all ages, needs, and fitness levels from the skilled athlete to post-rehabilitative care. Her highly motivating personality combined with her knowledge, confidence, and experience create an exciting training session while making the client feel comfortable yet challenged! In addition to working with clients individually, Diana enjoys group fitness classes, especially indoor cycling, body sculpting, and outdoor “boot camp style” circuits

She enjoys sharing current research and new innovative techniques with others. She has spoken to many groups over the years and is a seasoned presenter: Fitness consultant to KGET Channel 17/NBC affiliate, KERO Channel 23/ABC affiliate, and the Kern County Library “Transforming Life After 50” series. She is a community volunteer to the Girl Scouts of America, Jim Burke Education Foundation Dreambuilders and Garces Memorial High School. Once voted by Bakersfield Panache Magazine “Best Aerobics Instructor” Diana continues to strive for excellence through education.

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