Fitness Assessment

Individualizing an exercise program for a client is best achieved by having some preliminary assessment data.  In addition, the collection of assessment results periodically during a client’s program is important to assess progress toward established short and long term goals.  As your Personal Trainer I need to consider your needs/desires in the selection of which assessment test to perform.

The assessment process can be extremely intimidating to clients, especially those who are conscientious about their appearance and intimidated by the idea of joining a “gym”.    As your Personal Trainer, it is important that I make you feel as comfortable as possible in any situation.  The success of the Personal Trainer-client relationship is built on a foundation of respect for the client.

A Personal Trainer has many alternatives available to assess a client’s health-related physical fitness.  Among the considerations are the client’s needs/desires, situation or setting, and the Personal Trainer’s training and experience.  As your Personal Trainer I perform assessments after you have completed a health and physical activity questionnaire.  Some general assessments are:

1.    Heart rate: resting
2.    Blood pressure: resting
3.    Body composition: height and weight, body mass index, waist to hip ratio, and skinfolds
4.    Postural analysis and body alignment assessments
5.    Flexibility
6.    Cardiovascular assessment

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