The Body Architect Studio

The Body Architect Training Studio is located in northeast Bakersfield, nestled near beautiful Lake Ming. The available terrain of the area lends itself to offering power walking sessions, running and hiking sessions, and strength-cardio sessions all in an outdoor setting. The studio itself is equipped with stationary indoor Schwinn Spinning Bikes, Life Fitness Elliptical and Life Fitness Treadmill, Stairmaster Stair Climber. The studio also contains Cybex Cable System and Cybex Leg extension/Leg Curl machines, Freemotion Dual Cable Cross, Freemotion Squat machine, and The Gravity GTS machine. Also available are back extension, abdominal, and weight training benches.

The private training studio also hosts the usual toys to make your exercise session somewhat enjoyable: ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, balance boards, jump ropes, physioballs, mats, elastic and rubber tubing, barbells, and dumbbells.  Also available is yoga related equipment.

The Body Architect Studio is private and available only upon appointment.

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